zambia-flagThe eagle in flight symbolizes the freedom in Zambia and the ability to rise above national problems. Red represents the struggle for freedom, black, the people of Zambia, orange the country’s mineral wealth and green the wildlife and environment. 

Victoria Falls (known to Africans as “The Smoke That Thunders”) is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. If you look at the Victoria Falls’ mist from the correct angle, you will be able to see a circular rainbow. (it is very seldom that we get to see more than the top half of a rainbow).

rainbowZambia is one of the world’s poorest countries and ranked 165th out of 187 on the Human Deveploment Index. Average life-expectancy at birth is 38.6 years.

Zambia is landlocked, you need to travel 600 miles before you can see any real ocean. However, Lake Kariba was Africa’s largest man-made lake until Egypt’s Aswan Dam was put up in 1971. It is so huge that in certain parts of it, unknowing visitors think they are looking at the ocean.

The national symbol is the African Fish Eagle, which looks much like the American Bald Eagle

African fish eagleZambia’s capital Lusaka (originally planned to hold 200,000 people) currently has a population of 1.5 million. Despite this, the entire country’s telephone directory is not even one inch thick.

Termite hills in Zambia often grow to be as big as a cottage. They carry their own unique vegetation and during the rainy season sprout edible mushrooms. One type of mushroom has a cap of 0.91m in diameter, making it the largest mushroom in the world.


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