Mauritius flagThe four colors of the Mauritian national flag: red, blue, yellow, and green represent Flamboyant tree, Indian Ocean, the sunshine, and the island’s vegetation respectively.

Mark Twain said : “You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.”

The dodo bird was found only in Mauritius before it became extinct about 450 years ago. Despite this, Dodo remains Mauritius’ national animal.

Dodo-birdInspired by the Dodo,  Lewis Carroll wrote “Alice in Wonderland” in 1865.

The life expectancy is 73 years, the highest in the world’s developing nations.

Mauritius’s national flower is known as Boucle d’Oreille and blooms around the month of June and October.


Mauritius is the most densely populated country in Africa and the 17th in the world.

The seven colored earth is one of the well-known attractions in Mauritius. It consists of seven different colored sand dunes, mainly, red, brown, violet, green, purple, blue, and yellow.

Seven-Colored-Earth-4There are no wild animals on this island and even the species of snakes found here are not poisonous.

Mauritius does not have its own standing Army.

There is only one national park, Black River Gorge, but it covers 3% of the island entire area and it is home for 300 flower species and 9 unique birds species including pink pigeon.


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